Moody Time

When you meet Colin and Trish you quickly realise that they are a double act and talking to the two of them together is both interesting and entertaining. We board their own boat, called ‘Moody Time’ (the boat is manufactured by the British boat builder, Moody) and learn more about this couple from ‘God’s own country’, Lancashire.

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Meet The Liveaboard Boats

This is a followtheboat podcast first: in response to an email from a podcast listener we’ve taken on board his comments and produced a programme for him! Robert Newton of North Yorkshire emailed us the following: “I am listening to all your podcast’s – good work! I would be interested to hear the boat types and sizes that you are cruising in the company of. I aspire to become a cruiser.”

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The Simm Family of ‘Storm Dodger’

“It’s a real eye-opener”, commented Astrid. “Another time one of our girls used to get up at four in the morning to get the milk in off the door-step. When I told her she didn’t need to do this she explained that her mother had taught her to steal milk from people’s doorsteps. She was three.” Sadly another of their foster children got into a fight in an underground station and was knocked to the tracks and killed. “Of course that was very sad”, says Astrid, “as he’d only left our care a week before.

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