The Mighty Mount Kinabalu

Now that we’re at anchor we get a much better perspective of the impressive Sabbah mountain range. Dominating the landscape, however, rising high above every other mountain, is Mount Kinabalu. It stands at over 4,000m above sea level and can

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That Dense Mangrove

One more from that mangrove, just to show you how dense it is. It meanders for a good half a mile into thick roots. Sometimes paddling becomes impossible so you end up bouncing off trees hanging over your head. I

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Marina Life During Lockdown

We are fortunate that security has been maintained. Whilst exercising around the marina by foot or by bike, sometimes we’re stopped and asked who we are. This can get a little tedious but I guess the security have a job to do and it’s good to know they take their job seriously.

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Loving Langkawi - travel and sail around this tropical island

Loving Langkawi: Part 2

Zionel the mechanic returns and fits our reconditioned gear box and new damping plate. After a few hours of boat maintenance we take the rest of the afternoon off and go for a drive and take in the rest of the sights of Langkawi.

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