FTB Sailing Log #07 | Sailing from Ko Lipe to Butang Thailand

Having decided roughly in which direction to head in order to get to Phuket, we weigh anchor from Ko Lipe on a hot morning. Since the boat is pointing into the wind whilst tied to the mooring we get the mizzen and the mainsail out and, before we know it, we’re sailing for the first time in what seems like an age and a half.


Boat Maintenance: Problems In Paradise

Just when we thought we were beginning a new chapter, sailing around Thailand’s remotest islands, disaster struck. And struck again. And continued to strike. I mean, after more than a year in a boatyard, wouldn’t you think we were due a little adventuring?


A Magical Birthday Tour Of Ko Lipe

The beach of Castaway on Ko Lipe

This is tropical Ko Lipe where Liz and I spent her birthday for the last couple of days. It’s a rather splendid place and here’s a short photo-diary to remind you why Thailand is still a popular tourist destination.