#TonemapHDRTuesday – Banana Depot

This is an HDR shot, a composite of three identical images exposed differently, to pick up detail in the light and shadow areas. It is a submission for another photographic theme and follows on from the set I took at the banana depot.


#TonemapHDRTuesday – Military Canal, Winchelsea, UK

I’m really tired and wasn’t going to post anything up today but I just couldn’t resist submitting my first HDR shot for #TonemapHDRTuesday on my GooglePlus photography blog. I happened to be driving past this spot and caught it out the corner of my eye (it’s on a junction and easy to miss). Fortunately I had my tripod so I whacked the camera on top of it, jumped out the car with the engine still running, fired off three shots and jumped back in the car. The dog walker was purely coincidental, but completes the image IMHO.


Unique Udaipur

This is our final entry of our Rajathan trip, written by Octopussy…I mean Liz. Why Octopussy? Because we’re in Romantic Udaipur, where the rather kitch 1983 Bond movie was filmed. However, as Liz writes: “shunning the ‘antiques’, carpets, and tailoring being thrust at us we ended up by the water, watching the sun go down over Udaipur from the best viewpoint in town, in the company of professional photographers and the homeless.”


The Taj Mahal In Agra: Beauty And The Beast

Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, is a huge contradiction. Boasting possibly the most beautiful building in the world the town itself is a filthy disgrace. Still, we enjoyed it from both cultural and photographic perspectives, and so in this little post we take you to Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal, grabbing some stunning shots of a legendary landmark.


World’s Most Clichéd Shot, In HDR

My Pic of the Day is a shot everyone is familiar with. Next week our blog takes you to the Taj Mahal so in anticipation I thought I’d post up this classic image given some HDR treatment (a photography technique where three different exposures of the same shot are overlaid to pull out the detail in the shadow and hightlights).


Beautiful Berkhamstead

Leaving Millie behind guarding the boat in India, I returned to England and enjoyed one of the most colourful autumns I have seen in a long time.

Here is a set of photos that covers Berkhampstead by the Grand Union Canal and Ashridge Estate, a National Trust property that boasts a look-out tower, ideal for those panoramic shots of a beautiful English countryside.

I’ve given some of these shots a ‘painterly’ feel, prompting a photographer friend to wryly observe that they make perfect sweet tin covers! He was taking the p!ss of course!