A Tale of Two Has(s)ans

We decided to head next door to Hassan’s, where we were looking forward to meeting the owner. Oh boy, did we meet the owner. I’m not sure if he had got out of bed the wrong side, if he’d just had some terrible news, or if he’d taken an instant dislike to us but he was the most unpleasant man we have met in Turkey. The exchange went something like this…

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Catch That Wind Before We Lose It

We were aiming to have a day off in Bodrum before heading off on the Monday, but the weather forecast was suggesting very little wind and no sun for the next five days. The only wind we’d have was today so I made the decision to get the **** out of Dodge to make the most of the little wind. Chris and Ethan, therefore, beat Tim’s record of setting off sailing in less than 12 hours of landing!

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Bright Eyes!

To make today even more active we climbed a mountain! (Well it was more like a hill – But it felt like a mountain) At the top it was just the five of us peering down at Gümüslük in the hazy afternoon sun, we could see Rabbit Island, Esper and more importantly the place where we were going to eat tonight.

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Suntan Lotion Is There For A Reason

After a claustrophobic night in the bow Cabin, I woke up tired and grumpy, but glad to see we were already sailing onto our next destination. Perfect sailing weather, the sun beamed and the wind blew as the waves grew. We moored up at Catal Ada for lunch, a beautiful idyllic spot where everyone had a dip in the sea.

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Billions Of Blue Blistering Barnacles!

After lunch at a little restaurant by the shore we headed up to the hill on the other side of the bay, where we sat at the top and admired the beautiful views around the bay and across to Kos. We could see Esper anchored up with the other boats looking splendid. It was here that we each developed our “I like it up here” song with accompanying dance.

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Team Work

We had some good strong winds which took us on a great beam reach back. On the way we tried anchoring off catal ada but the anchor dragged and it was not particularly sheltered so we went on our way. We wanted to take advantage of the terrific winds, anyway, so it didn’t matter that we headed back

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Gümüslük Here We Come Again!

We sailed into heavy wind and seas and as we rounded the headland spotted a turtle swimming along our starboard side. It was about 2ft and seemed to be happily swimming along next to us for a while. It put a smile on my face to see one of these gorgeous creatures in its natural habitat.

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Goosewinging It All The Way!

We picked up more wind as Jamie poled out the genoa and we ran goosewing. Wow, it was great! The sense of speed was tremendous. We seldom dropped below 7 knots and I was at the helm when we clocked our first 10 knots! With the wind behind us practically the whole way we gave chase and over took quite a few other yachts. Esper seemed to love it as much as us.

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So Good To Be Back!

Ahhh… back on Esper in lovely Bodrum. Boy was I looking forward to this break. I had already been counting down the days till I would be on board permanently and this would be a nice little taster.

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Meeting Gurktan

The complete lack of wind today was made up for by being introduced to a very nice couple, Peter and Gilly. Turns out my Day Skipper course would include a motor over to Catal Ada with Peter and Gilly on board to check it out as a possible wedding location!

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