The Beaches of Uligamu (Photo Slideshow)

Having dropped anchor in Uligamu, after a frustrating four-day crossing from Cochin, India, we put our worries to one side with a wander along the desolate beach of the Maldive’s most northern (but one) island. This is a little photography slide-show for your entertainment. Just click on the image below to begin and don’t forget you can view it in full-screen mode to get that “I’m-really-there!” sensation!

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Bolgatty Girl

Photograph: this is a random portrait of a girl who lives in Bolgatty Island village, where we live. Just happened to be walking past her purple-painted house and she immediately posed for the camera, as is typical here in India. It has quickly become one of my fave street portraits.

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#OnePrimeWednesday – Early Morning Basket Boy

This is a submission for the theme that asks for a shot taken with a prime lens. A prime lens has a fixed focal length, in this instance 50mm. A 50mm prime lens is the one closest to what a human sees in real life, which is why traditionally crime scene photographers always used 50mm lenses! No crime scene here, alas, just a photograph of a worker with a heavy steel basket on his head.

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