The Beaches of Uligamu (Photo Slideshow)

Having dropped anchor in Uligamu, after a frustrating four-day crossing from Cochin, India, we put our worries to one side with a wander along the desolate beach of the Maldive’s most northern (but one) island. This is a little photography slide-show for your entertainment. Just click on the image below to begin and don’t forget you can view it in full-screen mode to get that “I’m-really-there!” sensation!

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Followtheboat Podcast Android App Released

It’s been an exciting week here at Followtheboat Control Centre, what with two prizes being picked up by both Jamie and Liz. The most exciting news, however, is that we have just completed building our first app. This app notifies the user when a new podcast comes out and allows them to either download or stream the podcast from the comfort of their phone or computer. This is the ideal solution for people commuting to work or traveling by car who are looking for some pure escapism!

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Bolgatty Girl

Photograph: this is a random portrait of a girl who lives in Bolgatty Island village, where we live. Just happened to be walking past her purple-painted house and she immediately posed for the camera, as is typical here in India. It has quickly become one of my fave street portraits.

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#OnePrimeWednesday – Early Morning Basket Boy

This is a submission for the theme that asks for a shot taken with a prime lens. A prime lens has a fixed focal length, in this instance 50mm. A 50mm prime lens is the one closest to what a human sees in real life, which is why traditionally crime scene photographers always used 50mm lenses! No crime scene here, alas, just a photograph of a worker with a heavy steel basket on his head.

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