Coloured Chicks

Dyed chicken, anyone? This photo was taken one Saturday afternoon on our way to the Arattupuzha Pooram elephant festival at a temple in Kerala. Elephant photos are so cliché so how about one of imbued infant avians instead? You’ve gotta love that one lonesome red chick!

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Pre-Onum Festival In Cochin

Onum is a festival celebrated in Kerala, India and it lasts two weeks. There’s no big culmination, it’s just a period of rest and reflection and for many life goes on as normal.

Captured here are people at work and hanging out around Cochin during this period.

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Three Down, Two To Go

When we got on board Jason helped himself to a beer, which Paul took from him and put back in the fridge. “Where’s my beer gone?” Jason asked. “I’ve put it back in the fridge”, Paul replied. Well, I think you can guess where this one’s going. Before we knew it a huge argument ensued and the skipper was once again screaming at the top of his voice and speaking to Jason as if he were five.

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