Followtheboat Podcast Android App Released

It’s been an exciting week here at Followtheboat Control Centre, what with two prizes being picked up by both Jamie and Liz. The most exciting news, however, is that we have just completed building our first app. This app notifies the user when a new podcast comes out and allows them to either download or stream the podcast from the comfort of their phone or computer. This is the ideal solution for people commuting to work or traveling by car who are looking for some pure escapism!

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The Backwaters of Allepey

[S02E02] Lonely Planet has this down as a must-do before you die, and having spent a couple of days on the backwaters of Allepey, we concur. This is a bird-watchers and fish-eaters paradise. We take a gentle motor through the backwaters, viewing sunken rice fields and people-watching the locals as they go about their business on the famous river banks of Kerala.

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A Bookworm’s Christmas Present – The Kindle

The problem with Liz is that she devours books. It’s a problem because a boat can only store so many paper-backs, which is compounded by the fact that many novels circulating within the book-swapping fraternity have a tendency to fall into the ‘holiday pulp-fiction’ category. Our Liz wants a bit more from her reading so a couple of months ago I bought her a Kindle. “That’s not one of those e-book readers, is it?”, she snorted when I suggested the idea to her. Up until this year my attitude towards these devices had been the same. Why would anyone want to move from the reassuring, tangible sensation of a page-turning paperback to an electronic screen? Well, I’ll give you ten reasons why this Kindle has Liz hooked. Thinking of buying an i-pad? Read this first…

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