#TonemapHDRTuesday – Military Canal, Winchelsea, UK

I’m really tired and wasn’t going to post anything up today but I just couldn’t resist submitting my first HDR shot for #TonemapHDRTuesday on my GooglePlus photography blog. I happened to be driving past this spot and caught it out the corner of my eye (it’s on a junction and easy to miss). Fortunately I had my tripod so I whacked the camera on top of it, jumped out the car with the engine still running, fired off three shots and jumped back in the car. The dog walker was purely coincidental, but completes the image IMHO.

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Woofers And Tweeters

Pat and Tony are country people at heart and it’s always a joy to talk to them about various aspects of nature as we travel towards India. In this brief podcast recorded on a windy day we board ‘Full Flight’ and learn about their time back in the South Downs in the UK. Dog lead and binoculars at the ready…

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Coronation Street & Spam

We arrived at the Hoek of Holland early Tuesday morning but we still had a long way to go down the Nieuwe Waterweg. This is Blade Runner on water. It is pure industrial mayhem with many commercial ships chugging up and down the water way. Thumbs up to the Dutch for utilising their waterways properly.

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It’s A Dog’s Life

Unlike their UK cousins who are pampered and spoilt and called Fifi or Derek, Portuguese dogs runs tings. They’ve got gangster names like Bullet Dodger Biffhead, Four Star Flash Killer and Cruel Cat-Chaser Crusher. They cruise the streets like they own the place, window shopping in town and congregating and plotting up in the valleys.

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