Slippery Poles

The MC incited the crowd into hysteria as the local youths prepared to exhibit their skill and bravery in front of friends and family. The object of the exercise was to get to the Turkish flag at the end of the pole first and proudly claim it as one’s own. Sounds simple, but when you’re wet, knackered and full of bravado whilst trying to run up a greased up pole it’s probably a bit daunting.

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Where Did That Anchor Come From?

The other option was Mersincik, but this was a further few miles round the corner and two things bothered me: if the winds stayed as they were and the sheltered anchorage was occupied, we’d have to anchor in open water, and if that was too dangerous then we would have to return to Knidos at night, and we were all feeling a little tired.

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Star Gazing

Just as I had planned we approached Datcha as the sun was coming up and dropped anchor just outside the town. We celebrated with a beer and a cigar, and then spent the next 20 minutes taking about five thousand photographs of the rising sun, because it was absolutely incredible! Check the gallery out for the new pictures!

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