Access Walden

Access Walden, held on Sunday 16th October, was an event held in Saffron Walden to raise awareness and campaign for a safer route into Saffron Walden along the Wenden Road. For three hours the road was closed to enable over 800 cyclists, walkers and joggers to enjoy this 3 mile round trip on a glorious autumnal day. Here are some images by Jamie Furlong ( that capture that special morning. Well done to all involved. Please share and tag as appropriate. [For more info check out Access Walden on Facebook.]

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You Have Church Bells, We Have Mullahs

Yesterday was Friday, holy day here in Egypt, and there is no mistaking it! All day the town reverberated with the sound of the mullah calling the men to prayer, a sound that is amplified through the many speakers adorning the minarets. Jamie jumped on his bike and recorded a little tour of these sounds, which are quite extraordinary to the western ear.

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Flaming Lipsi

Lipsi. A quintessentially Greek island untouched by the hoards of package holiday tourists that populate the bigger Dodecanese islands. I’d say the people here are a mix of holidaying Greeks, a few backpackers and a bunch of yotties, not forgetting the gentle locals, which makes for a very peaceful atmosphere indeed. These next few log entries, including a special post by Millie The Cat, cover the rest of the Dodecanese islands and start with Lipsi, which is littered with some of my fave photographs of the Dodecanese islands. Let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment at the end of the page!

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Biking Around In Cascais

With a high tide and strong winds the cycle ride became a very wet fairground ride as huge waves battered the sea walls, splashing up to 20ft high and spraying anyone in its path. Like four hung-over pratts on bikes. The trick was all about timing, something that Tim didn’t have, unfortunately for him and his clothes.

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