BIG Christmas giveaway prize competition!

Since we’re feeling festive, we want to give you a message AND a present this year. So we are asking you to call upon your powers of observation as salty sailors to enter our competition. One lucky winner will win all three presents!


Christmas presents under $50 for sailors

Presents and festive gifts under $50 for sailing cruisers in the holiday season. We use these items all the time on SY Esper, they make life easier and the day go smoother, we wouldn’t be without them. Links in blog for where to find each one.


To celebrate 2015, we are giving away Esper T shirts!

Sadly, for reasons beyond our control we are both on opposite sides of the globe this year, and can’t enjoy our usual special day. So we thought it would be nice to extend the seasonal tradition of exchanging gifts to include every one of our followtheboat subscribers across the world.


Christmas At The Taj

Not really for the general public but a few shots of our Christmas Day, which was spent at the Taj Palace Hotel, Wilingdon Island, Cochin.

Liz and I were joined by our friends Mike and Gabi, who were effectively on their honeymoon, and the usual suspects of Terry and Fiona of Roam II and Ants and Div of Divanty.

It is a real pleasure to be eating turkey, brussel sprouts and stuffing whilst supping on a nice glass of Chianti, in India where all of these things are hard to find!