our rigging broke

Our Rigging Broke

What if it’s the U-Bolt which holds down your rigging and stops your mast from falling over? Then imagine you’re far away from a chandlery or a workshop in a remote place where no-one speaks your language.

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2021 Highs (and Lows)

2021 Highs (and Lows)

When it comes to looking back at 2021’s highs (and lows), this year has been a bit like Groundhog Day. So we worried it would be a catalogue of frustration and anxiety. Turned out that we did more sailing than we had realised!

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The Mighty Mount Kinabalu

Now that we’re at anchor we get a much better perspective of the impressive Sabbah mountain range. Dominating the landscape, however, rising high above every other mountain, is Mount Kinabalu. It stands at over 4,000m above sea level and can

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That Dense Mangrove

One more from that mangrove, just to show you how dense it is. It meanders for a good half a mile into thick roots. Sometimes paddling becomes impossible so you end up bouncing off trees hanging over your head. I

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