Fantastic Turkish Breakfast!

We awoke to the sound of preparation for getting under way. The Skipper and First Mate were determined to take us for a “fantastic Turkish breakfast” across Marmaris Bay. We dropped anchor at “Orange”. Lesley opted to swim to shore whilst we motored in the orange blancmange. We bagged sun loungers in true Germanic style by leaving our towels out and sat at a table in the shade on the decking, facing out into the bay.

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Last Day In Beserk Buku

It was rather nerve racking having him watching us as tavla is a game in the blood of every Turkish man. They play it from birth and they play it at a million miles an hour. He gave me a few tips, nods and winks as Jamie and I played. I won! We then suggested that he play Jamie. Like the last man standing Jamie bravely battled on, but all in vain as Ali trounced him in the first game.

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From Amazon To Cleopatra

The anchorage was fairly busy and there was a fair old wind blowing through too. We went for a swim and eventually Jay and I managed to swim to the jetty to go check out this famous beach. As soon as we hoisted ourselves up the ladder we were shouted out by a couple of very unfriendly locals, along with a ferocious looking dog with white eyes.

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Thrashing The Skipper At Backgammon? Pah!

First maritime lesson don’t drink raki the night before your initial voyage. After collecting the belongings we had left around various venues in Bodrum, a bag in the Marine club, a cardigan on the boat and jogging our memories of the night before with all the random photos we had taken. Did I really get wheeled home in a trolley? and were they really three Russian prostitutes?

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Another Vodka Please!

After a quiet night in the marina and the now obligatory thrashing of Liz at Backgammon we headed off to Ortakent where we were told we might be able to grab a buoy… no such luck. We anchored up instead. We were starting to feel confident about the anchoring by now.

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More Loud Cr@p Turkish Pop

I looked out from the cabin and watched as an enormous gullet in the next small bay seemed to be going backwards and forwards and round and round in circles. Later on Jamie identified the boat as belonging to Stuart, a friend of ours from Bodrum.

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So Good To Be Back!

Ahhh… back on Esper in lovely Bodrum. Boy was I looking forward to this break. I had already been counting down the days till I would be on board permanently and this would be a nice little taster.

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