Asmara Market, Eritrea

Asmara is the capital of Eritrea and sits above the clouds at the top of the mountains. Invariably it gets hot and by the end of the day the market traders and shoppers are exhausted.

Winner of The Times Weekend Travel weekly photo competition last year. Liz submitted this without me knowing and was the first photo comp I’d ever won.


Followtheboat Wins Its First Competition

I’ve been badgering Jamie for some time now to take his photography to the next level. I mean, some of his shots are breath-taking, aren’t they?

Having reluctantly agreed he generously allowed me to do the legwork. I decided to start by entering his work into some competitions, this would start to get his name and work known.

It seems that my nagging is starting to pay off. Firstly, we are going to be published, but more about that exciting news in a future blog. Secondly, he’s just won the first competition he’s ever entered!

Encouraged by his Auntie Chris, we decided to enter one of his photos into The Times Travel Photo Competition.