Super-High Res Photo For You!

A feature we offer our FTBMates and Patreons is full-resolution photo downloads. All supporters get access to our fave photos to be used however they wish for private use. Some of these make great desktop wallpapers, others have printed them out and framed them. The 21-photo panoramas can come in at 20,000 pixels wide, large enough to be printed out on bill-boards! Anyway, here’s one of those photos we’ll be uploading to our shared Dropbox folder for our supporters, which we’re giving away here too. It’s a panorama of the Sabah Tea Resort looking north using nine stitched photos, which means the resolution is pretty high. Here’s a sample of a tiny, compressed section from the photograph:

The full image you see on this page is a compressed jpeg at 1000px wide. If you would like to view or download the original, which is 9,500px wide and comes in at over 50MB, click here (the image may not to be used commercially!).

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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