stunning or a hideous mess

Stunning? Or a Hideous Mess?

Stunning or a hideous mess? Indonesia has captivated us like no other country. Perhaps it’s more like India than anywhere else.

It’s a country of contrasts, and you either love or hate it. There is no in-between. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of volcanoes and rainforests, we have become used to sailing our way through a sea full of plastic detritus.

It’s everywhere.

sailboat haul out methods

Jamie: This is definitely the best place we’ve anchored…
Liz: It’s hideous!
Jamie: It’s absolutely stunning…
Liz: One great hideous mess!
Jamie: It’s what you would expect when you buy a boat
and you want to go off and find a little tropical island…
Liz: It’s heartbreaking…

early morning reef fishing

The mornings and evenings along the coast of Indonesia are a travel photographer’s dream. And the view from the beach of the local resort we visited was stunning…

Stunning or a hideous mess

Stunning evening view from the resort

Early morning fishing

waiting for visitors to arrive

But turn a corner for a little snorkelling adventure off the beach, and all too often you find this…

Stunning or a hideous mess

Stunning or a hideous mess
With the growing heat of the dry period settling in, we set off to explore the volcanic Sunda Islands of Indonesia. And once again, we came across the best and the worst of sailing in this extraordinary part of the world.

Check out the images in this post, but to understand our ambivalence to this incredible country better, watch the video to immerse yourself in Episode 349: “Stunning or a Hideous Mess? 💩🤩|Indonesia’s BIGGEST Challenge”.

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