is photography important in video

How to Use Still Images in Video

[S04E19] How does understanding the ‘rules’ of photography help to make better videos? Does photography even have a place in video? What is the “rule of thirds” and when is the “golden hour”? Can filming at midday ever work? Are you comfortable filming people in the street? In your experience, how do local people respond to being photographed?
It’s all about street photography, street portraiture and travel photography in this week’s podcast.

Subjects and time-codes:

  • 00:00 Jamie is still in the UK, Liz is still in Indonesia
  • 04:00 How easy is it to talk to (and photograph) strangers?
  • 05:50 Why do we include stills in our videos?
  • 12:27 Street photography and street portraits
  • 13:47 What is street photography?
  • 14:16 The Decisive Moment: Henry Cartier Bresson
  • 16:40 Travel photography: A Sense of Place
  • 17:10 India photography: Steve McCurry
  • 18:25 Should subjects be looking into the lens?
  • 18:59 Applying photographic principles to video
  • 21:45 Why we use stills in our videos
  • 23:54 The response we get from strangers in SE Asia
  • 25:43 Do you need permission to take people’s photograph?
  • 32:45 Photography is a great way to meet people!
  • 34:37 Drone images
  • 36:42 Still images and video do different jobs
  • 37:37 What camera for what job? (Bruce Gildan)
  • 43:21 FTB Discord “Camera Gear Chat” group
  • 44:56 Liz’s shell and macro photography
  • 48:36 Jamie never stops filming and photographing…
  • 52:52 Special BONUS sequence from Anglesey Abbey in Autumn (VIDEO ONLY)

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is photography important in video

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