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The adventure begins.

We got out of the marina and headed to Aktas where we anchored for a couple of days, followed by Pupa Hotel for a couple of days (that’s the Orange Bar and Pupa Bar…. note: two bars, is there a theme developing?). This sailing business isn’t anywhere near as difficult as everyone makes out. I wasn’t sick or scared at all. Easy-peasy. Being left alone at anchor on Esper for the first time, when they went off in their daft orange dinghy, was a bit weird, but as I sleep for around 18 hours out of every 24 so I have started to coincide my naps with their absences, a system which works well.

I am still cock-a-hoop about having the whole boat to myself and the total attention of both of my parents all of the time. It’s great. They can be a bit over-protective sometimes though and seem to think that I’ll fall overboard at any second… pur-lease, I am a salty-sea-cat these days and I know what’s what. When we set sail from Marmaris to Gocek they locked me below and kept moving me from room to room. I didn’t mind. It’s sweet of them to worry about me. Now we’ve sailed a bit more together they’ve started letting me up on deck. I love to sit under the spray hood cover and watch them fannying around with six sails and numerous ropes while shouting at each other. It’s highly entertaining.

Now here we are, anchored off the town of Fethiye. It’s a very pleasant harbour, with a slight breeze, blue skies and lots of activity on the water to keep me occupied. I’ve been charged with guarding Esper when they go off (presumably to another bar) and so far, touch wood, I’ve done a good job. They gave me a throne on which I sit and am able to survey a full 360º. I keep alert at all times, making sure that any living thing is thoroughly chased around the deck and that every stray piece of flapping string is tackled. Occasionally I get spooked by bits of dust and strange noises, but most of the time I am in total control. It is fair to say that I take my responsibilities very seriously because without these two where would I be now?

In the spring we moved to a more accessible part of the marina and I had to spend weeks fending off the attentions of other moggies trying to inveigle their way into my parents’ affections. It was a constant war of attrition. Sometimes I was nice to them because it was fun to play, but my patience snapped a few times when they actually came into the saloon and ate my food in front of me! I ask you? So, here’s a special message to Bert (psychotic and mentally unstable) and Tom Tom (homosexual and needy): it’s been great knowing you and we had some fun times, but I’m off now. I’m going on an adventure with my Mum and Dad. Love etc M.

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