A Very Special Podcast

This is the last podcast from our first series, but don’t worry, we return summer 2011. This programme started off as an exclusive interview with Lo Brust, the organiser of the Vasco Da Gama rally. Recorded a few months ago before the Chandlers were released by their Somali pirate captors Jamie and Lo discuss piracy, sailing tactics and whether there will ever be another Vasco Da Gama rally. That interview concludes with a catch-up, the day before Lo left Cochin marina last week with the fifth Vasco Da Gama rally.

Lo and one of his dogs on the day he left on the fifth Vasco Da Gama rally

In addition to this we managed to have a quick chat with Richard, one of the world circumnavigation Blue Water Rally organisers, and Jeremy, a skipper taking part. Currently they are having to think hard about their sailing route. The situation in Egypt may force them to spend more time in India.

All these interviews give a great insight into rallies, their organisation and, more seriously, the political and economic situations that have a direct impact on sailing through the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.

This podcast is also special because is the last in our current series. Fear not, we will return in a couple of months with some exclusive insights into our travels around India, but we’re going to take a short break and discover a bit more about this incredible country and the Indian people.

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