So Good To Be Back!

Ahhh… back on Esper in lovely Bodrum. Boy was I looking forward to this break. I had already been counting down the days till I would be on board permanently and this would be a nice little taster.

We decided to get going away from Bodrum as soon as possible and today would head down to Gümüslük, where Jamie told me I would love it…

amie gloats over another win at backgammon
Jamie gloats over another win at backgammon

So, off we went with Jamie steering and me running around trying to catch and coil ropes whilst fending off the boats moored either side of us. Just the one problem – we snapped the oars on our neighbouring yacht’s tender with our swimming platform. Lots of apologies all round and we were waived off by the smiling Turkish marina staff.

Our first stop (after re-fuelling – blimey, that was expensive) we put all the sails out and headed towards Catal Ada for a bit of a swim and laze around.

lizbackAt Gümüslük we began two games:
1. Backgammon – which Jamie taught me and which I constantly lost (if Jamie invites you to learn backgammon just say no, because he takes great pleasure in rubbing it in when you lose!)
2. Anchoring – Where? How much chain? Two questions to tax the most experienced of sailors.

After a few vodkas with Turkish limes (which smell and taste like mandarins – delicious) we fell asleep…





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