So, A Solo Sailing Summary So Far, See?

The motor sail from Kalimnos to Leros was non-eventful, except scaring myself shitless when a ferry appeared from behind a rock doing 30 knots. One emergency collision avoidance maneuver later and Odin and Esper have arrived at Pandeli, Leros, from where I write these last few log entries. Unbeknown to me Pat has been passage planning our way to Samos under the recommendations of a yottie friend, Antonio. It is he who has been recommending our last few anchorages and restaurants, and I have to say he’s been spot on so far.

Pandeli harbour, Leros

Pandeli harbour, Leros

Last night we wandered into town and had a snack at Dimitri’s on the top of the hill, another Antonio thumbs-up. It comes recommended not least for the food but the view it offers back down onto our anchorage. Check out the pics and the little video clip…

Our next island is Lipso, which should be fun since the winds continue to gust gale-force! That aside I’ve been happy with this solo sailing malarkey, except for the obvious incidences. I’ve only logged 118 miles but I’ve anchored on my tod, reversed into a harbour on my own, taken a mooring boy without assistance and sailed some pretty strong winds only with the help of my cat. A few (expensive) lessons have been learned along the way but it’s all good. I just want my Liz back!

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