Snorkeling With Me Dad

The week my parents came out to visit us in Egypt will always be remembered by this vista…

… and the fact that there were some wonderful memories taking Dad snorkeling in the Red Sea was a bonus! This was a simple downwind sail of around 12 miles due south of Hurghada, a case of dropping the hook and spending a very memorable few days at anchor.

I just wanted to throw my photo in there to get the story going but the rest of the pics were taken by Mum and Dad and document nicely those few days at anchor. They stayed in a hotel jsut 100m from the marina and every morning they ate breakfast by the pool. It was a few days in before they realised that, just over the wall, they were accompanied by a pack of dogs relaxing after their breakfast:

Clearly someone had taken a leaf out the locals’ book and followed suit:

It was time to go for a snorkel and expose Dad to the wonders of the Red Sea. It did mean having to unpack and inflate the dinghy, which hadn’t been touched for months. Some people found this task more amusing than others.

Still, I dunno how he can even begin to contemplate laughing at me. I mean, really, check this out…

We’d been recommended this location as a great spot for both protected anchoring and for snorkeling. Despite the hotels around the bay playing loud music during the day it’s a pretty peaceful spot. The recommendation as a great snorkel/dive location was spot on. Dad and I eventually got the dinghy in the water and so I rowed him over to our first snorkel spot, a popular dive location on the NE corner of the bay.

Liz, meanwhile, got the fishing rods out and caught a fish or two er, no, wait a minute, I think it was me who caught the parrot fish! Whatever, little Mills was very pleased either way.

What a wonderful time we had with Mum and Dad. We wish them both well for 2010. Dad, we’ll be thinking of you.

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  1. During the cold and snow recently at home, we have often thought of that lovely warm week in Hurghada with you, particularly the trip out on Esper for snorkelling and wonderful sunsets. Thank you for giving us such good memories. 😆
    The Senior Furlongs

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