Skopia Limani: One Great Big Playground!

Storm brewing over Gocek

Storm brewing over Gocek

Introduction To Skopia Limani

Regular readers of FTB will be familiar with the term ‘The Black Hole of Marmaris’, a term invented to describe the fate of the majority of boats who enter the bay and never leave, for one reason or another. Well, we’ve finally done it: Esper has left the building!

Now we continue from where we left off last year along a route that should have been done last summer but never happened. The exciting news, for us at least, is that on a sunny day our solar panels kick out so much energy we are able to alternate between two fridges and run two laptops at the same time. This luxury gives us the ability to spend more time editing photographs and writing general bollox about the dumb-ass things we get up, all for your reading pleasure.

One observation: we spent so long in one place with so many other liveaboards it means now we invariably bump into familiar faces as we make our way down the coast. Whether we choose to hang out with them is another matter but it’s another luxury we have in an otherwise strange world.


The first few pages of our summer log see us racing past other boats as we hoist the cruising chute, and discover the playground that is Gocek and Fethiye Bay. It almost didn’t happen, mind, as we almost lost Esper one afternoon…

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