six things you do wrong

Six things YOU do WRONG on a boat

Six things that annoy us about sailing and living together on our sailboat: declared, shared, compared and repaired.

In our most intimate insight yet into life aboard SY Esper, we undergo self-therapy and get some irritations off our chest.

Six things YOU do WRONG on a boat
We have mentioned before how knocking the corners off each other is an inevitable process for all crew to find a workable path to happy cruising. We’re pretty good at doing this and after all this time have smoothed out most of those raw edges.

But just as you think you’ve got it all sorted, you realise that there are new niggles which are lying under the surface.

Rather than this being a general rant, we wanted to examine what it is that annoys each other and how we can move forward and learn some lessons. These may not be technical things you are doing wrong when sailing, but they are key to a successful life.

So we allowed each other to raise three subjects each about living and sailing on SY Esper which irritate us, but that until now we’ve kept quiet about.

The issues fall into six categories, can you work out whose is whose?

  1. Anchoring (Pt1)
  2. Dinghy
  3. Anchoring (Pt 2)
  4. Captain’s orders
  5. Stowing
  6. Power

The court is now in session, but who won and did we learn any lessons? Find out in the video to accompany this blog post and maybe our accusations and responses may help you avoid the mistakes we have made…

Here’s to a stress-free October for everyone!

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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