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Here comes the squall
Here comes the squall

Never let it be said Sunday is the day of rest. After getting stitched up on the watch system (due to the clocks going back and a watch system change) I decided to go for a lie down. After a couple of minutes there was an almighty clang, followed by the skipper shouting “all hands on deck”. It turned out the jury rig for the mainsail, fixed on Tuesday, had given way. This required emergency repairs which were hampered by an oncoming squall! Making the most of the fresh rain I decided to shampoo my hair.

zz1At dusk we pulled in the fishing line, only to find a rather nasty looking barracuda type thing on the end of it! Since I had cast the line it was my responsibility to get the thing off the hook, but this b@$tard was evil and it stank. Evidently it had been struggling on the line because it was barely alive, but take a look at the picture – can you see the size of that front tooth??

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