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ram70With a population of 240,000 that is rapidly growing, La Coruna is a major city in northern Galicia. The modern developments are set off by the very old paved streets, and can boast the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world, the Roman Torre de Hercules. Like many of the ports of this area La Coruna plays host to many fishing boats, as well as a number of cruise ships (during our visit we saw the QE2 depart) and handles over 2,500 ships a year.


The Galicians love to party

Boy do the Spanish love to party! In the main plaza of La Coruna, Plaza de Maria Pita, a huge stage had been erected to host a number of Galician bands who played into the night: I think they eventually turned the music off at 1am, which is completely unheard of in the UK considering this was in the town centre.

... and dress up!

... and dress up!

I don’t think I need to explain the Spanish lifestyle of siestas and late dinners but it is very apparent here in La Coruna. With tightly winding back streets crammed with locals fighting for a table in their favourite tapas bar it is easy to become anonymous and just flow with the seething mass. The Spanish have little regard for personal space and love talking loudly and fast, so the atmosphere is frenetic and chaotic. This is set off by their relaxed temperament.

The full moon turns them into werewolves!

The full moon turns them into werewolves!

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