Saying goodbye to the puppies

Saying goodbye to the puppies and dogs was a big wrench, but the final coat of antifouling was on so it was time to drop back into the water for new adventures.

And in a radical reversal of the usual pink and blue jobs, Jamie cooked a curry while Liz serviced the toilet. It’s no-one’s favourite job, but do you know which is the job that everyone hates on a boat? Find out in this week’s episode…

In this episode we also talk about the St Vincent volcanic eruption that happened in April. There is more about this in our separate post, “A world without light”.

Peace and fair winds
Liz and Jamie

A world without light

Intricate work is easier with a light

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One Comment on “Saying goodbye to the puppies”

  1. Wow, there were so many puppies. Thanks for the video. It’s definitely not easy to say goodbye. I dread the day where I have to say goodbye to mine while we travel for the next year or so.

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