Sambhali Trust – An Interview With Govind Rathore – Pt 1

[Jodhpur, Rajasthan] A couple of kilometres outside the centre of Jodhpur, Govind Rathore and his family run the Durag Niwas homestay, but that’s not their main interest. In 2007 Govind set up the Sambhali Trust, an NGO that helps women from the lowest castes in India escape their lives of hardship and empowers them with the skills necessary to operate their own businesses. Many of these women only speak a local dialect and don’t understand Hindi, so they learn to read, write and speak Hindi and English. They are also taught sewing and farming skills.

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3 Comments on “Sambhali Trust – An Interview With Govind Rathore – Pt 1”

  1. Interesting interview with wonderful music in the background, I am thinking that if you doing such a good work why you are discriminating Untouchables (Sorry for using this word but I am using it so that others as well as you can understand what I mean to say) on the basis of ‘gender’, are not there boys in such castes? Or boys are very educated and developed in low castes? How you will bring substantial change in the society by discriminating one gender and promoting the other? Or is it a marketing manifesto of yours to use women empowerment?

    Kindly think about it otherwise it could create another type of gender imbalance again and not much will develop except some business units like Sambhali boutiques, Guest houses, hotels, etc.

    Wish you best of luck!

  2. Hi! I tried to download to view later, but clicking on the “here” for “download the podcast”, what I got was the audio track of the podcast playing quite nicely with no video, and also no apparent way to save the podcast. I would very much like to view and hear it later this evening. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Lynette. Thanks for your support. To download the podcast don’t click directly on the download link. Instead you need to right-click (or ctrl-click if using a Mac) on the link and select ‘Save as…’. That way you get to save the file as an mp3 onto your hard drive. Bear in mind this is an audio-only file, no video. Hope you enjoy the interview, and remember the second part comes out later today!

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