Sailing is Horrible (Sometimes)

Sometimes sailing is horrible. There, we’ve said it.

Sailing is not always desert islands, turquoise water and coconuts: sometimes sailing really is horrible. When you can’t make any headway, there’s no wind and nowhere safe to anchor, it can get you down.

We rocked and rolled our way along the northern coast of Lombok. It was a slow, depressing day.

sailing is horrible

Down below, when a boat is swaying in a relentless swell, can be miserable. If you don’t stow them properly, objects will fall out of lockers and fly across the cabin. They can turn into missiles and even threaten the crew’s life.

In the video linked below, we discuss the importance of how to stow properly. In last week’s podcast this was one of our six points for stress-free sailing.

We have been through these kinds of conditions on many occasions over the years, and in some ways that’s what makes it so bleak. We know what’s coming and we know the relentless swell is going to wear us down.

Sailing is Horrible

We make no apology for this whinge-fest, sometimes the only way to get through a situation is to let off steam!

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