Sailing interview #1: American McGee

American, Liz and Jamie

“We’ve received our first patron!” said Jamie.

“Hooray! Anyone we know?”

“American McGee.”

“You’re having a laugh, that’s a made-up name isn’t it?” I said.

Turns out it isn’t a made-up name, American is very much a real person. We know this because we’ve just been sailing with him and his friend, Alicia.

American, Liz and Jamie

American, Liz and Jamie

In fact, not only does it transpire American really is his name, but it is a famous name in the gaming world. Ever heard of Alice, Doom or Quake? Check out his website. He has been creating and working out of Shanghai for the past ten years, learning to speak Mandarin along the way. But these days his consuming passion is sailing. He is an inveterate lover of all things aquatic, and story-telling. “I spent my childhood watching endless re-runs of Jacques Cousteau and Monty Python, which had an everlasting effect on me,” he told us.

When we thanked him for supporting us on Patreon, he mentioned that he keeps his yacht in Thailand, and perhaps on his next trip we could hook up. Why not, we thought. If we don’t hit it off we can always spend one day together then politely be on our way.

But it was quite the opposite. American is easy-going and engaging, and full of enthusiasm for this alternative sailing life. We soon realised we are kindred spirits, who share the same values and interests. We became instant friends.

Alicia received an open invitation from Jamie to be a guest on Esper whenever she likes

Alicia received an open invitation from Jamie to be a guest on Esper whenever she likes

Sadly, we were sailing south while American and Alicia’s plans were to go east. Still, we managed to spend four days hanging out before heading off, and together, we discovered American’s most favourite ever anchorage, and one that surely ranks in our top five all time places.

In the meantime, American agreed to give an off-the-cuff interview and answer some probing questions designed to get the measure of the man. If you look closely at the background you’ll see that favourite anchorage…

Thanks for being our first supporter, American. But more importantly, thanks for suggesting we meet up. We look forward to spending many happy times sailing together in the future.
PS. The knife’s brilliant, we’re using it for everything! It really is the sharpest tool in the box.

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2 Comments on “Sailing interview #1: American McGee”

  1. Liz, so glad to hear you were given the all clear by the dermatologist. Well done. So now… Cover up! Love Deb

  2. Message from Annie-May “Hello, I am ten years old now, as you know, I haven’t been on Esper and I really should have by now and see Millie, because I love Millie. It looks so nice to live on a boat and you learn more things than at school because you learn different languages and about things about different countries and meet new people like you met American Mcghee and I really hope there will be some day maybe next year (6) Summer holiday. We can have a week staying on Esper and sailing but this Summer holiday we are not free but I’ll be going on a canal boat which will teach me how to work on a boat and get used to it and Monkey and Coconut really want to see Esper too and Millie and you guys and I have never actually seen you two together and I have never ever seen Millie and Daddy said to get to the boat you have to go on a small boat and climb on which sounds very exciting, see you soon, Love you so, so, so, so much, Love Annie May Furlong xxx”

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