Sailing in circles – what next?

Sailing in circles

Ever felt like it was déjà vu all over again? Or maybe Groundhog Day? Sailing for us is usually discovering new places, but lately it’s been more about getting the sails out and being on the move when we can…

This week we try out a new anchorage and get some diving in, but we forget to do any filming because we are now slaves to our FitBit health trackers.

Liz talks through how she sets up her new rod and reel with some help from Matt Watson of Ultimate Fishing, particularly his easy-to-follow video on Setting up your trolling rig.

Sailing in circles-what next?

From $1 a month to a $100 gift, there are three ways to support us…

And we have a real-time update, filmed 14th August, on what’s happening in Malaysia and how it’s going to affect us. If all goes well our current visas (which we are trying to extend) should take us to October, after which we have one more option to extend until November. But what then? Will Malaysia continually allow us to stay here indefinitely? Will any of the neighbouring countries open their borders?

Watch the full video here…

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Peace and fair winds!

Liz and Jamie

Sailing in circles - what next?

Feather star on a whip coral

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