Sailing Across the Indian Ocean Nearly Broke Us (and Our Sailboat)

[S04E21] When we left the Maldives at the end of May 2013, we had no idea that sailing across the Indian Ocean would be the hardest thing we have ever done. It nearly broke us, and our sailboat.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to cross an ocean on a sailboat, we let you in on the secrets and reality in this video podcast. In this retelling of the most difficult thing we’ve ever done in our lives, we cover:

  • Losing our autopilot
  • Hand-steering for 1000 miles
  • Losing our foresail
  • Rescuing turtles
  • Catching a booby
  • Piracy
  • Breaking the main outhaul
  • Sailing through non-stop storms for days
  • Sailing through lightning
  • Handling two-hour watches
  • Hallucinations
Hand-steering 1350 miles from Maldives To Malaysia

Jamie wrote a daily account of our log entries for the crossing on our blog, “Hand-steering 1350 miles from Maldives To Malaysia”, click the image.

Click to read, “Worse Things Happen at Sea”

Before leaving the Maldives, we were blown off-course when a Force 8 storm came from nowhere and knocked us down. It raged for days as we struggled to find shelter in Male. Jamie’s added a blog post about our fight to get back, just click the image above.

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