After our turgid passage north through the Malacca Strait from Singapore, we headed a further 150 miles north to Pangkor Marina along the Malaysian coast, where we would be hauling out our sailboat.

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Our passage via Japan to Pacific North West is going to cost thousands of dollars, so you are probably wondering how we are going to afford to do all this.

  1. From this point our Patreon and Rum Fund pledges will be diverted towards prepping Esper.
  2. We have already started tightening our belts – e.g. we postponed flying to UK to see family right now, because we can’t afford it!
  3. We are applying for a bank loan.

If you would like to become a Followtheboat Mate and help us achieve this exciting adventure eastwards, please consider becoming a Patron or Rum Funder. You only need to pledge $2 per month to become a mate of ours, and in return you’ll always be the first to hear our news and plans. And your name will be in our video roll call!

We took leisurely day-hops along the coast, and anchored when the sea-state allowed us. All went pretty smoothly until we dropped the hook just before Pangkor in the open water. A local fishing boat released his floats and disappeared back to land, leaving the long line and net to drift straight onto SY Esper!

🗺 Admiral Marina, Port Dickson: 2°28’35.5″N 101°50’40.7″E
🗺 Port Klang: 3°02’19.3″N 101°20’29.6″E
🗺 Open water anchorage: 3°49’20.1″N 100°44’28.5″E
🗺 Pangkor Marina: 4°12’39.1″N 100°36’06.6″E

Peace and fair winds!



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