Safety gear winners

We asked you to leave a comment on YouTube under our episode, Falling off a sailboat: how it ended! Pt 2 to win a fantastic Spinlock 6D life vest or an Ocean Signal PLB1.

Thank you for the astounding number of excellent entries. It was a joy to read your stories and thoughts, but in the end we had to pick two winners. They are…

Spinlock Life Vest

Winner of Spinlock Deckvest 6D 170N is: “Travelling Wilbery”:

“It’s Sunday night, and typically my wife and I are catching up on the latest YouTube sailing videos in the comfort of our house. However, this week is slightly different in that we have just purchased a boat and packed up our lives and left Australia.
So here we are, Sunday night, hotel quarantine in KL, totally committed to our boating adventure and watching Nige’s nightmare unfold. Wife asks me if the Spinlock/Oceansignal products are on our action list… “Yes darling, of course they are”… (Well, they are now).
Thanks for sharing, it may save another life one day.

Ocean Signal Personal Locator Beacon

Winner of Ocean Signal Personal Locator Beacon, PLB1, is: “jarret.yingling”, whose poem was a standout entry:

A Fox and a cat in the Arafura Sea
Set sail on a Bison, no seriously!!

The Fox lost his footing and just as he fell
Got two broken ribs from those two meter swells

The furler jammed and the jib sheet was in knots
“I’m getting something to eat” said the Fox

Then immediately after set forth for the bow
With life vest tethered to the jack line no doubt

Cross seas hit the beam at just the wrong time
The Fox got flipped over the stanchions’ life line

He hung by the jack lines over the rail
His head dunked every swell as he struggled and flailed

With few choices left he had one to make
Hook knifed the jack line and resigned to fate

He grabbed the tow rail and made his way aft
Reaching in vain for the Hydrovane shaft

As he pulled himself from the sea’s salty clutch
His life vest inflated and the drag was too much

Alone in the ocean with nothing to say
The Fox watched the cat and the Bison sail away

The Fox had no time for bad thoughts and fear
As he floated for hours with tiger sharks near

The AMSA had a plane on the run
Tracking the signal of his PLB1

They dropped him a raft with emergency supplies
And the Fox started eating the florescent sea dye

He napped in the raft till the rescuers arrived
He was happy and lucky to still be alive

The cat and Bison sailed on for awhile
In fact, they sailed on for 130 miles

When the Fox tells his story it’s well humored and fun
Thanks to Iridium Go, Spinlock and PLB1

We have no way of contacting either of you, so please get in touch with us directly here in the comments (we will send you a private message, so it’s not necessary to show your email address in the comment). Or on followtheboat’s Facebook page in the comments under the post where we make the announcement.

We will send your postal address directly to Spinlock and Ocean Signal (we do not hold the prizes).

Congratulations to the winners!
Liz and Jamie

safety gear winners
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4 thoughts on “Safety gear winners”

  1. Sonnie Groombridge

    Wow !! .. Thankyou so much. We are now in our new floating home and currently hauled out in Langkawi. Its as hot as balls atm and i just woke up the minster of everything to tell her the good news. Thanks again. Love your channel. Best, Sonnie & Celeste. (travellingwilbery)

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