The Anambas adventures may be over but we’ve got a long sail ahead of us and, with a front coming in across the Gulf of Thailand, we need to get our skates on.

While we lingered in the tranquil peace of Tioman the storms clouds gathered. And continued to grow as we raced towards the safe haven of Johor, on the Malaysian side of Singapore. In the video we show you what it’s like sailing through squalls and anchoring in lightning storms. Hey ho, that’s the end of the beautiful weather for a while then!

This is, of course, one of the problems with the freedom of being on a boat: we are at the mercy of the weather… so perhaps we’re not as free as we think. Still, it’s a good opportunity to try out our (relatively) new sails in some strong gusts and test our navigation skills around wrecks and reefs to get us safely towards Sebana Cove on the SE corner of Malaysia.

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Liz is working on a piece on passage planning, specifically our convoluted trip towards Japan and the Pacific Northwest, so if you have any questions you’d like her to answer, pop them in the comments below or email her directly. She’d love to hear from you. Oh, and the good news? We may be starting our passage south sooner than we thought, but bear in mind a sailor’s plans are written in the sand…

OK, back to dodger designing and making sure the carpenters are getting on with their work. If you watched our refit series you’ll remember Ton and Tui, to the two brothers, who pretty much refitted everything on Esper. Well, they’re back on board and cracking on with some modifications! Hard workers, great company and good fun. We’ll be documenting their progress in more detail as we go.

Thanks for your support, peace and fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie

🗺 Tioman: 2°49’37.1″N 104°09’23.2″E
🗺 Sibu: 2°13’25.5″N 104°04’29.1″E
🗺 Jason’s Bay: 1°53’27.3″N 104°08’06.9″E
🗺 Johor: 1°23’01.7″N 104°05’39.1″E
🗺 Sebana Cove marina: 1°24’44.8″N 104°09’48.6″E

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