Rugby World Champions!

Rugby Champions!
Rugby Champions!

England are the rugby world champions! We followed the progress via the BBC World Service, whose coverage went something like this:

‘There are loads of people here in Sydney preparing for the World Cup. And now back to the news’

(20 mins of news)

‘And now to the rugby. Well, it’s going well here and it’s a close match. And now the weather’

(Half and hour of weather and news)

‘We’re into the second half and it’s very close here in Sydney. And now for the latest in Iraq’

(Latest on Iraq plus some inane news discussion programme)

‘Well, this is the closest rugby match seen in a long time. We’re now into extra time and it’s neck and neck. And now for the news.’

(More news)

‘And finally on the news England are the new rugby world champions.’

Shark fodder
Shark fodder

Very frustrating but we got the message! We celebrated this historic win with a beer and a swim (21′ 33.32N, 21′ 50.47W), and Tim celebrated by visiting Hairy Krishna’s, the new onboard barbers. He now sports an Action Man haircut.

Timmy Two is looking desperate, as if mauled by a wild animal. One theory suggests that it lost its leaves in sympathy to Tim’s new haircut. The banners are out: Save Timmy Two. But there’s a ‘dark underbelly of society at work’ (sic James), for a new banner has appeared: Death to Timmy Two. Clearly someone doesn’t like basil on the boat, but no one is owning up to it. Tension is mounting.



7Tried a new lure today. Roger has retired on a hatrick and has been replaced by Lekker Ding (possible mis-spelling but it’s Dutch for ‘nice thing’). After three hours Lekker Ding caught our biggest dorado yet!

Video clip:  Celebrating England’s World Cup Win

We had a very painful time listening to the commentary on the BBC World Service, but when we eventually heard that England had won the rugby world cup we dropped sail and celebrated with a swim somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic! Watch out for Rich slipping on the spinnaker pole and Dobby’s superb drop dive. “Look how long his toes are, they’re just like fingers!” And just look at the weather. Classic!

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