Rudder Hell: Running Aground

We finally leave Egypt, at least officially. Having done the paper work to exit Egypt we made our way southwards, only to run into some nasty southerlies. With a lack of protective anchorages from southerlies we opt for Luli, which is a good 13 hours away. Unfortunately this meant we made the anchorage at the end of the day. It caught us out and three boats hit coral, one with some serious consequences.

This podcast was recorded over a week, documenting the rally leaving Port Ghalib, entering Luli and catching up with the boat whose rudder was damaged. We get to hear from the skipper and first mate exactly what went through their minds when that hull hit coral.

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6 Comments on “Rudder Hell: Running Aground”

  1. Gave me some great memories of being in that part of the world. Spent a wild night on deck making very exciting way down to the Brothers islands in the maddest of waves. wishing you fair winds and minimal bureaucracy, ha ha xxxx

  2. Hello Jamie & Liz,
    We always keep an ear out to your exploits, Ian is usually busy but forwards links to me & then I tell him all the best bits!Being the daughter of an engineer it was great to hear that good old fashioned engineering “make & mend” can still save the day…:)Also great to know that there is such support amoungst ralliers!
    Enjoy your next stage……Lots of love Caroline & Ianxxxxx

  3. Having run aground on coral in Vieques (Spanish V.I.) I can only sympathise and be thankful that Gazelle has a long keel and a stern hung rudder ( bad for marinas but who wants to be in a marina).

  4. Thanks very much for this interesting podcast Jamie! It reinforces my understanding of the cohesiveness and incredible support you all share in your floating community! It was also neat to hear Nigel, my brother-in-law. Great job Nigel and Graham for your aquatic accomplishments! Thinking of you Deb, on Eeyore with Susie, Graham, and Nigel and wishing you much good sailing ahead! All the best! xoxoxoxo
    Keep up the great work you are doing with your podcasts Jamie! They are terrific!

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