Rizla Or Plastic Panty Liner?

111The Japanese are a funny lot, aren’t they? I had two Japanese guys sharing my dorm in Evora, each on separate occasions and both opting for the bunk above mine. Must be something to do with the fact they live in houses on stilts or something. The first guy was young and couldn’t really speak English. Nice kid but he slept with his rucksack, which was chained to the bedpost.

213The second guy, Shintaro, was much more of a laugh, and like Kato from the Pink Panther he kept popping up everywhere I went. As soon as I walked into the dorm room and introduced myself he offered me a jelly panty liner wrapped in plastic and, unwrapping his and sticking it to his forehead, he repeated the word “cool”. No, sorry Shintaro but that is not cool. He explained that it was to cool the body temperature and that I should stick the thing either on my forehead or on my neck. Not wanting to look like we were playing The Rizla Game with huge sanitary towels I opted for the neck. It was like applying an entire tube of Deep Heat on my spine, but not wanting to offend Shintaro I kept it on. Twenty minutes later I succumbed and stuck it on my forehead. Don’t you just love the Japanese and their inventions?

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