Pirate Alley: Rhumb Do, Rhumb Don’t

This week’s podcast sees us caught up in fishing nets again, slap bang in the centre of pirate alley. In last week’s episode Lo Brust, the rally leader aboard his boat Mistral, had successfully thrown a line to Jean-Claud and Marlene aboard Anthea. Anthea is now being towed by Mistral. It didn’t take long for another two boats to run into trouble… as well as each other. Patience is a commodity that can run out…

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3 Comments on “Pirate Alley: Rhumb Do, Rhumb Don’t”

  1. They just ‘Arrrrrr’. Tee hee. Sorry, I know tis not a very joking matter in the context, but couldn’t resist. How are the undies today? And pushkins?

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