Removing the drive shaft

Removing the drive shaft (prop shaft) on SY Esper is never easy and always takes a while to get right. It’s a delicate process, but sometimes you just need a hammer. We need to replace the dripless seal, so there’s no alternative, the drive shaft must come off.

We begin with some spot welding on the dodger after one of the window struts came loose. The welder uses argon, and we’re hoping it lasts…

And in this episode we say a public thank you to one of our FTBMates who sent us a gift just when we needed cheering up!

There’s a sequence of two old men shopping (can you tell it’s me, Liz, writing this? 😉) and we touch on the cruising dilemma of finding gas in different countries, all of which have different attachments and sizes, and how we decant from one bottle to another.

As always, thank you so much for your support, it keeps us positive and determined.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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