Just a bit of fun for a Wednesday afternoon… Here’s the template for the new hard cockpit sprayhood/bimini being removed from Esper. If you look carefully, you can see Benny Hill came along to assist!

Click image for video!


We’re putting a hard dodger on Esper because we need to stay dry and warm during our easterly trip across the Pacific to Alaska and Canada. It will spoil her lines, but comfort wins out over beauty every time on a sailboat!

Peace and fair winds!

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  1. Werner Leuthmetzer

    Hi Liz & Jamie, thank you so much for all the interesting insights and videos. Please keep the good work up. My question today is: will you be around 11th/12th May in Krabi Marina so that I can invite you for a “Coffee Chat”? I’ll bee driving to KL around this date and would love to meet you in person, no visa run for me 🙂

    1. Hey Werner. We’d love to hook up! We’ll be on the hard in between jobs no doubt but it would be great to meet and grab a coffee. We look forward to it!

  2. Enjoyed your refit vlogs so much. Wondering what an operation like that cost. I suppose many are. Maybe that’s too personal, but what a place to give an older boat new life. They did a beautiful job.

    1. Our Patrons have had a run-down of costs, and we published them in our Sailing Today series. We WILL do a live broadcast about this if we EVER get good enough internet connection! Liz

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