Quitting liveaboard life; cheap items for your boat; pets; tourists

Six new videos just published cover off more daily questions put to us by our Patreons and youtubers.

Do locals just consider yachties as tourists? What happens when you want to quit being a liveaboard and why would you do it? How about eight cheap/free items for your boat?

These and more questions have been answered over the last week on youtube. They’re daily episodes that kinda fall outside of our normal weekly vlog and we’ve added them to our special ‘Q&A’ playlist. You can view them all here from the comfort of followtheboat!

3 Comments on “Quitting liveaboard life; cheap items for your boat; pets; tourists”

  1. Just signed up and completed the Patron section. However, the Patron website just sat there after entering the payment part, ie; no checkout page…. seems like something went amiss… or did it….?

    1. [Liz] Ermmm, for some reason I’ve only just seen this message…but I believe it all went through in the end! Thank you guys!

  2. I have been watching your Vlog and reading your Blog for some time now and really enjoy them both. You have inspired me to become a full time sailor. I am currently doing some maintenance /refit on my boat and plan to cut the dock lines between Nov and Jan. I also write a Blog about how I became a sailor sailing2redemption.com I will continue to follow you and hope to see you on my Blog also.
    Fairwinds Dont Let Your Fears Be Bigger Than Your Dreams

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