A Sad End: Quest Killed By Somali Hostages

Today all four crew of sailing yacht ‘Quest’ were killed. Apparently the US Navy ‘responded to gunfire’ aboard Quest off the coast of Oman, which it had been shadowing since the boat was taken on Friday. Our thoughts go out to Scott and Jean’s family and friends. They were here just a few weeks ago in Cochin Marina, India.

There is already much debate on the sailing forums as to what actually happened and what will happen next. Only time will tell. One wonders if we will ever get to the bottom of what really occured aboard that ill-fated yacht. In the meantime I have removed my previous scrutiny of passage planning into the Indian Ocean out of respect.

This from Reuters:

Two Somali pirates spoke with Reuters by telephone on Tuesday.

“Our colleagues called us this morning, that they were being attacked by a U.S. warship,” a pirate who identified himself as Mohamud told Reuters.

“The U.S. warship shot in the head two of my comrades who were on the deck of the yacht by the time they alerted us,” Mohamud said. “This is the time we ordered the other comrades inside yacht to react — kill the four Americans because there was no other alternative — then our line got cut.”

The fact remains that this is a sad day for liveaboard sailors around the world, a sad day for our freedom and a sad day for the worsening situation both on the waters of the Indian Ocean and in Somalia.

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8 thoughts on “A Sad End: Quest Killed By Somali Hostages”

  1. Horrific and very sad news – my heart goes out to all of s/y Quests family and friends.

    What really scares and wonders me though – as I read this blog/article – is that the CNN link on the page has been expired/is no longer available. Is that your doing or is it a case of “orwellian news/history” strategy?

    With love and hopes for fair winds and happy travels for all of you out there, C

    1. I’m not sure about that news clip, Carin. I put it up there as it was the most recent report at the time but I’ve taken it off now. No idea why it has ‘expired’ though.

  2. Very depressing. We will probably never know what exactly happened. We have friends still underway in the area, hopefully at a less risky route hugging the shores.
    We went around the cape and can only recommend it. It is actually very nice and really not as challenging as many may think, especially if you are flexible on timing. Weather forecasts are excellent – pirates unpredictable.

  3. We mourn the tragic murder of these four people, Jean and Scott Adam, Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, who a week ago were moored opposite us here in Cochin. As the shocking and distressing news reverberates around the globe we sit in stunned silence and horror at this barbaric act of cowardice and hatred.

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