Profile Of A Sunni Muslim Community

Seelattuparambu is a community of 70 Sunni Muslims in Fort Cochin. Fort Cochin itself is very touristic, pretty and well-to-do and if you didn’t know about Seelattuparambu you’d miss it since its entrance is hidden behind an arched gate-way. Their houses back on to a shared ‘green’ where the cattle graze. This tight-knit neighbourhood is home to our friend Nazar and it is through him that I was able to invite myself along to take some photographs of the residents.


These 20 images are what I managed to take in a one-hour gap between down-pours, whilst the women took the opportunity to hang out their washing. These are the extra images from my ‘Preparing Dinner’ set, which I will publish and tell you about in due course. I hope this provides a little eye-opener into a small, unseen community.


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