How to be a Liveaboard Cruiser


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Are you ready to sell up and slip the lines? Do you dream of sailing round the world in your own boat?

We started our adventure in 2006, and we’re are still on it. Just like our sailing channel and blog, this short guide pulls no punches about the liveaboard cruiser lifestyle. It will prepare you for what to expect. And it will help you start your adventure…

This is a practical guide filled with straightforward advice written in plain language.


  1. Why this guide?
  2. What is a liveaboard?
  3. Why become a liveaboard?
  4. Who can become a liveaboard?
  5. The psychological leap
  6. Gain experience
  7. Learn from the experts
  8. Dealing with a reluctant partner
  9. Financing your new lifestyle
  10. Just do it!

The guide accompanies our video, “How to become a liveaboard cruiser”, as part of the Q&A playlist on our sailing channel. It expands on the video and includes plenty more information. Watch the video here

If you are looking for inspiration, encouragement and an insight into what it means to be a liveaboard cruiser, this no-nonsense guide will get you motivated. So what are you waiting for? Make the leap!

“We watch these videos every week. It’s because of these videos that we have just purchased our own little sailboat. When we grow up we want to be just like Liz and Jamie! Thanks for all you do!”
Patricia Gibson

“One of the most interesting and informative sailing vlogs out there. Liz and Jaime tell it like it is and we benefit from their hard work…”
Dierdre Dunne Landucci


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