Planet Dinawan exclusive video preview

Over on FTBMates we upload exclusive video previews that don’t get published publicly, like this one called “Planet Dinwan”. They can be anything from unseen clips from our episodes, time-lapses or other side projects we work on.

One of our most frequently visited videos on YouTube is our 4K Chill-Out mix, which is an hour of chilled music set to drone footage taken from our trip down Sumatra. At some point we’d like to do another chill-out mix, perhaps with a mix of drone and underwater footage. Liz and I can’t agree on what the content should be but here’s a possible sequence we may include. It’s an example of the kind of test footage we post on FTBMates – this hasn’t been published and only you and FTBMates get to see it! It’s one take, so perhaps we’d cut it up for the final mix.

For the record we wanted to return to this reef and re-record it with a different camera and set the white balance correctly but the next day was over-cast and there was no way we could capture the light shining on the coral that you see in this clip. Also for the chill-out mix the underwater sound effect, captured by the camera, would be removed.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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