Pilot Whales Lead The Way

Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight? Dorado surprise!

aThe Atlantic is flat as a millpond and we’re still motoring, but after catching the dorado that Tim is now filleting we put the engine in neutral and went for a dip, this time without harness and safety line (22′ 54.22N, 20′ 36.30W). Borrowing Tim’s snorkel I took a dive down in search of the seabed. Of course it’s many miles below (2.4 to be precise) and all one could see amongst the cool blue waters were the suns rays shinning into an infinite tunnel behind my shadow. An extremely spooky experience, with the added danger of potential shark attack, not helped by Rich throwing bits of bloody fish back into the water!

Dobby and Michel washing up
Dobby and Michel washing up

Highlight today was seeing pilot whales, which are basically very large dolphins. In fact Simon claims dolphins are for kids and pilot whales are the real thing and I have to say they really are impressive sight swimming in massive pods alongside the boat, especially when they start jumping out of the water.

We celebrated our entry into the tropics with a Thai dorado curry, cooked by Dobby who could be usurping me as the ship’s cook. I’m happy to report that Timmy Two is still alive.

Another day, another dorado
Another day, another dorado

At nightfall Tim and I shared a watch and a joint and marvelled at the weird flashing objects in the water. Dunno what they are but I suspect they’re flashing jellyfish caught up in the ship’s wake. There’s been no moonlight for the last two nights either, giving us an opportunity to learn the stars, which look amazing in the moonless sky.

Video Clip

Many dorado were caught on our Atlantic crossing and this is us bagging our first catch. It’s a tiddler but it puts up a bloody fight. The fish is caught by Rich whilst Tim stains his shorts. Clip contains naughty swear words.

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