Pic of the Day: Kanchenjonga From Gangtok

Our Pic of the Day today is an image taken from Gangtok (the capital town of Sikkim) of Kanchenjonga, the world’s third highest mountain. If you look very closely you’ll see that Kanchenjonga itself is on the far right, sitting way above the massif in front, which is in turn beautifully lit by the setting sun.

Kanchenjonga from Gangtok

Kanchenjonga from Gangtok

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12 Comments on “Pic of the Day: Kanchenjonga From Gangtok”

  1. Gorgeous shot Jamie !!! thanks for sharing. I loved this place.
    Ask Debs and Nig about a veeery early wake up to watch sun rising on Kanchenjonga.. and the following escape from a murder scene ! Incredible India !

    1. Haha! I thought you might appreciate the shot. This was an early evening shot, not morning, and we didn’t have to escape a murder either!

  2. I can close my eyes, keep this shot in mind and imagine I’m filling my lungs with clean air, hear, well, probably not very much (bliss!) and feel the mountain breeze.
    Thanks for sharing Mr F.

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